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TIN Testimonials

Below are a selection of testimonials from various purchasers of the TIN100 report.
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Sir Paul Callaghan, Founder

"Imagine what will happen when all New Zealanders discover what we really are good at… Nothing has quite changed our perceptions as the TIN100. Who else measures this? The TIN100 tells us how big this sector is. It tells us what we are good at – physical platforms technologies, ICT, software, creative businesses like Weta, and a small component of biotech as well."

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Peter Chrisp, NZTE

"I read the TIN100 report over the weekend, and felt compelled to email and say what an excellent job you and the team have done. The layout, the clarity, the visuals, the analysis, the insights, the commentary, the company profiles. All top shelf."

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Harley Atkinson, Managing Director

"We have found being able to benchmark ourselves against other technology companies has been very useful and the TIN100 allows us to do this. We also believe that it is important for any country to be able to assess the contribution made by their innovative and technology companies and this index allows this."

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Mark Christensen, Managing Director, Faceme

"Being a contributor to the TIN100 Report means we now get quality benchmarking information and it helps to build our in-market credibility."


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Geoff Whitcher, Director, Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

"I am writing to congratulate you on the 2012 TIN100 Industry Analysis Report. Your report just keeps getting better and better.

As you know as a person who has been hugely engaged at a variety of levels in working on the transformation of NZ to a knowledge based economy over thepast 12 years, I am a long standing supporter of your report. Before you started the publication it was almost impossible to find any reliable data on what was happening in the new industries/companies that were being created. There was no clarity as to the real economic impact of what was happening or the trends that were occurring – and indeed even worse because of the lack of transparency there was considerable misinformation around that hindered responsible decision for many participants in the new economy.

Your report has turned all that around and it is now wonderful source of information for policy makers, people who are developing the ecosystems required, the companies themselves, and for investors to have your report for solid and reliable information on both current aspects and the growth trends of the sector as a whole and the companies within it."

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